Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Design Beyond Ego

Design is, as so many areas of human life, an area where our limited experience of the world is clearly manifested. When we experience ourselves as separate from the larger whole, design often becomes in the service of the ego of the designer - focusing on aesthetics, style, and/or the extraordinary - not on what is appropriate in the situation.

Here are two paths that may help us beyond ego.

1. Ecological design. This approach requires us to be flexible, not attached to one particular approach. It also brings a partnership approach to design - an intimate partnership with the larger Earth community and future generations.

2. Fluidity. Letting go of attachments to certain ideas and apporahces, and see what is appropriate in the situation. Design is similar to acting in that we are required to explore and express something that goes beyond our regular life. We need to go into the worldview of the client, and also explore and experience the needs of a multitude of clients (paying, human and Earth communinity, future generations).

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